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Rethinking Your Marketing

custom acrylic phone stand Promotional Product Direct

Rethinking Your Marketing. In 2021 and going forward you must rethink your approach to b2b marketing. Take advantage of these unique market opportunities to brand and rebuild your business. Email for information or call 1-888-880-2714

Factory Direct Promotional Products


The Insiders View on Promotional Products. 2021 is a critical year for business marketers to both build and rebuild their brand. Your customers have drifted away, your competition has changed course, your brand identity is likely a little shopworn if not in tatters.

Inexpensive brand building

inexpensive brand building in 2021 for New York and New Jersey business marketers

How to inexpensively rebuild your brand post-covid. Insights and hacks into building your brand or repositioning your brand without breaking the bank. Email for information or call 1-888-880-2714   In late 2020 and heading into 2021 it is critical for all American businesses to revisit their marketing initiatives. In the age of Covid-19 pretty much […]

The Clear Vu Mask


The Clear-Vu Mask is the world’s most popular mask for Chicago businesses during Covid-19.

New marketing ideas during covid

marketing during covid 19

Fitness Promotional Products is producing some great new post about how to market during the corona virus with promotional products. In the age of Covid 19 and the corona virus the entire promotional product business has had its head turned on end. This video helps explain. What to know about Promotional Product marketing during covid. […]

New York. The Future of Promotional Products

are you paying too much for New York and New Jersey business marketers that use promotional products.

Promotional Product Direct is a reactive sourcing agency. What does this mean? Simply put this means that we do a few things very well and very efficiently.

What defines a promotional product?

Insider Information on "Why marketing with promotional products is right for your business!"

What makes a product a promotional product? What unique characteristics makes a regular product a promotional product

Folding Drinking Straws

telescopic reusable drinking straw cleaner

steel case folding reusable drinking straw

Collapsible coffee cup

inexpensive factory direct folding collapsible coffee cups

The Folding Collapsible Coffee Cup is Hot! Blue light blocking glasses. New study reveals your smartphone could be killing your healthful sleep. Could blue light blocking computer glasses solve this problem? Your Chicago offices Email Us or Call 1-888-880-2714